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Google vs. Facebook: The "Search Plus Your World" Saga Continues
By Chris Crum

Wow. "Search Plus Your World" has really left a mark.

Google's new set of Google+ integrations and personalization features into search results has caused nothing but controversy since Google announced it earlier this week.

There are two main reasons: competition and relevancy. We discussed both at length here.

Twitter has fueled much of the fire by publicly making comments about how it reduces access to Twitter content, and how it's bad for the Internet and whatnot. Much of the conversation has been about how Google is not including publicly available data from Twitter and Facebook alongside the Google+ content.

Google has maintained that it includes some public data from "open web" properties, and that it would be open to talks with Twitter and Facebook, but that these two block Google from accessing their data.

It is true that Google is blocked from accessing some of their data the stuff that would make it much more useful on the personalization side of things (the things that aren't public, but are connected to specific users), but Google has access to the public stuff, and is still not including it in the same places it is pushing Google+.

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