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July 30, 2014

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Facebook Gifts Will Be Dead As of August 12

By Josh Wolford

For the second time, Facebook is shuttering a Gifts product.

The first time was back in 2010, when Facebook killed their virtual gifts platform. Two years after that, Facebook Gifts was reborn as a real-life gift exchange, allowing users to buy gifts for their friends and ship them to their doorsteps all within the confines of Facebook.

For a while, Facebook pushed its new ecommerce platform by suggesting users give gifts in a myriad of occasions – when a friend posts something celebratory, on Valentine’s Day (and other holidays), and when someone has a baby – just to name a few. About a year in, Facebook nixed the physical goods aspect of Gifts, transitioning to gift cards and online digital codes only. Slowly, Facebook pretty much stopped promoting Gifts on people’s news feeds – and they faded to the realm of birthday announcements. You can still give someone a gift right now, if you go to their Timeline and fish around for the option.

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