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April 23, 2014

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Contact Lenses Are Getting Smarter Thanks To Google

By Zach Walton

Contact lenses have been helping people see without the aid of glasses since 1888. In that time, the contact lens hasn’t changed all that much. The century old tech is in for a big overhaul in the coming years, however, thanks to Google.

Mashable is reporting that Google has been granted two patents for its “smart contact lenses.” The contact lenses will be outfitted with a variety of sensors and circuits that would allow the wearer to monitor a variety of information. It’s able to do this through sensors that monitor the material that make up our tears.

Human tear fluid contains a variety of inorganic electrolytes (e.g., Ca.sup.2+, Mg.sup.2+, Cl.sup.-), organic solutes (e.g., glucose, lactate, etc.), proteins, and lipids. A contact lens with one or more sensors that can measure one or more of these components provides a convenient non-invasive platform to diagnose or monitor health related problems. An example is a glucose sensing contact lens that can potentially be used for diabetic patients to monitor and control their blood glucose level.

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